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Risk Adviser

Includes premium comparison and product research including quotes and quote reports from life company systems, product features analysis and scoring, Product and Premium value map chart, a range of quote comparison reports, research reports and a Replacement Insurance module.

Users can adjust the emphasis of the research results to take better account of individual client needs and concerns.

$ per month inc GST
per adviser

Financial Adviser

For Financial Advisers, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers. Includes the same functionality as the Risk Adviser subscription.

This subscription is limited to 25 quotes each month. If usage exceeds 25 quotes per month subscriptions are upgraded to the Risk Adviser subscription.

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per adviser

Premium Comparison Only

This subscription option is for those Advisers who just want access to our industry leading premium comparison service.

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For Life Companies with web based quotations, LifeRisk Online can run quotes using your Adviser access details. To do this you need to save your Life Company username and password on LifeRisk Online. We can then run and save quotes using these access details on each company's Adviser site. Saved quotes can be accessed through LifeRisk Online or by accessing your Adviser website account.

Users can provide their Life Company access details by updating the Company Web Site Login available under Edit Profile once they have received their LifeRisk Online username and password.