Financial advisers appreciate technology that saves time.

Reduce the time spent by you and your staff producing premium comparisons and Life Company quotes. In addition, quotes produced using LifeRisk Online retain their links to Adviser quote sites, product research and insurance applications.

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Our value packed, cost effective Premium Comparison and Product Research package puts Advisers in control. For only
$109 a month* per Adviser

*includes GST

Risk Research and real quotes you can use

  • Every premium we provide is a real quote, with a Quote PDF you can download - no estimates

LifeRisk Online product research provides:

  • Research focussed on the main features that make a difference.
  • One overall product research score for each company’s quote

Advisers can adjust the weights used to build up the product and overall research scores to take into account their client’s needs and concerns.

LifeRisk Online can save you both time and money as a web based provider quotes can be used for online applications without doing another quote.

No other researcher provides these services in one easy to use package!

What could be easier!

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