Advisers from a wide range of Licensees use LifeRisk Online

Some Licensees have their Advisers use LifeRisk Online as their preferred life insurance research tool

  • Accountable Financial Solutions
  • Australian Financial Risk Management
  • HNW Planning
  • Capital Insurance Brokers

Advisers from a wide range of Licensees subscribe to LifeRisk Online including

  • 101 Wealth Solutions
  • 360 Private
  • Advocate Advisory
  • Charter Financial Planning
  • CWS Dealer Services
  • Dover Financial Services
  • Garvan Financial Planning
  • Gold Financial
  • Guardian Advice
  • GWM Adviser Services
  • Hillross Financial Services
  • Interprac Financial Planning
  • KNM Services
  • Lionsgate
  • Madison Financial Group
  • Marsh
  • Millennium3
  • My Super Future
  • Principal Partners (VIC)
  • Remunerator
  • Review Your Investments
  • Sentry
  • Synchron
  • Tailormade Holdings
  • Tatarelli Securities
  • Total Financial Solutions
  • Unique Advisers
  • Wren Investment Advisers


The following quotes are extracts from letters and emails that we have received from a range of Subscribers and their users. These extracts and the full texts are published here with permission of the provider.

"I have found … LifeRisk Online to be an excellent tool for the sale of Life Insurance Products. Below is listed the advantages I find in using your product –

  • The product is available to me anywhere, anytime, from any computer
  • It acts as a hub and allows me to obtain the most up-to-date Quote directly from the Insurance company
  • The product is extremely easy to use and stores all my clients quotes Online. That is I can quote from my iPad, return to my office, and print the quotation for the Application from my normal computers
  • And most of all, I find the cost of your LifeRisk Online is much less expensive than the other comparative products in this market."

Gerry Porter, Manager for Queensland, Synchron "

I have been using LifeRisk Online for many years and I find it to be an indispensable asset in my practice. ... Not only is it of great value from a research point of view, but it also impresses my compliance manager."

Michael Dunlea Authorized Representative, Gold Financial, QLD now retired

"...we now include the comparison report for all our clients as part of their annual review. Not only the reports look good, but they are easy to understand. We have no hesitation in recommending this service. ..."

Sandra Walton, Authorized Representative, GWM Adviser Services, ACT

"All comparators offer similar reports but I have greater confidence in the accuracy of LifeRisk Online as results are not from a simulation of each vendors' illustrator but the real thing." ... Over several years I have come to have complete confidence in LifeRisk Online accuracy. ... ... LifeRisk Online is an integral part of my process of shifting clients focus from how much insurance costs to what it is worth to them."

David Robinson, Authorized Representative, Risk and Investment Advisors Australia, VIC

"... The information has been reliable and has saved us countless hours in preparation of quotes and illustrations. ... I have no hesitation in recommending the software."

Frank Giachin, Authorized Representative, Marsh, VIC

"Thanks, just paid, great site. I have started using it all the time now, saves a lot of yelling and hair pulling. You’re a genius."

Sean Sullivan, incomeprotectionquotes.com.au, Authorised Representative Gold Financial Ltd

"LifeRisk Online provides SYNCRM with a 'best of breed' solution to meet adviser life insurance requirements. Life Risk Online is embedded in SYNCRM financial planning software for adviser convenience. No more loading software or remembering numerous passwords. Because LifeRisk Online quickly and easily creates product manufacturer quotes there's no need to do a 'true quote' after a comparison and there are no inconsistencies between the comparisons and the quotes."

Robert Cumming, Director SYNCRM Pty Ltd, NSW