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Our research is focused on paying the main benefits

We take into account the relative strength of product features based on

  • Relative generosity of the terms and conditions of benefit payment
  • Relative payment size (if they vary)
  • Relative ease of access to a benefit payment or feature
    For example
    –  funeral advance
    –  future insurability events

Our Product  Research covers

  • current retail products
  • closed retail products (as updated) back to 2000  and earlier in some cases
  • industry super insurance guides
  • investment platform group risk
  • corporate group risk

and includes

  • PDS extracts of terms and conditions
  • PDS extracts of Trauma event conditions
  • PDSs and where applicable policy documents and  adviser guides for products researched


We provide detailed research on

Life Cover

Terminal Illness, Funeral Benefit, Future Insurability, Waiver of Premium and Interim Cover


Own Occupation, Any Occupation, Home Duties, Non-Working TPD, and   Partial TPD


Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Other full payment Trauma Events
Partial payment Trauma Events and Trauma Reinstatement

Income Protection
Total Disability
Total Disability waiting period requirements
Partial Disability
Partial Disability payment basis
Claim Indexation
Day “One” Accident cover

Business Expenses
Total Disability
Total Disability waiting period requirements